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Injection molded plastic Cornfields in HO & N. Click on the cornfield to read all about them!
N scale cornfield set
Bluford Shops products are not intended for children under 14.
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August 1, 2018
Welcome to Bluford Shops, Manufacturer of HO & N Model Railroad Equipment.
Products bearing Union Pacific, Western Pacific, Southern Pacific, Chicago & North Western, Missouri Pacific, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Chicago Great Western, Missouri-Kansas-Texas and Rio Grande marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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NEC caboose
New N Scale USRA 2-Bay Hoppers:
N Scale 30'6" USRA 2-Bay Hoppers: Missouri Pacific; Ontario & Western ex-Westmoreland; Public Service - New Jersey; Baltimore & Ohio post war; Westmoreland Coal; Interstate Railroad; Delaware & Hudson.
N scale 8-Panel 2-Bay Hoppers: Chessie-C&O, Erie Lackawanna, Philadephia & Reading, Birmingham Southern, Delaware Lackawanna & Western, Southern Pacific, New York Central brown/black, Reading, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Tennessee Alabama & Georgia, Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis.
New N Scale 8-Panel Hoppers:
N scale 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers: Delaware & Hudson ilmenite service, Cambria & Indiana, Litchfield & Madison, Chesapeake & Ohio post-1948, Reading speed letter, Frisco black, Pittsburg & Shawmut, and Texas & Pacific.
New N Scale 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers:
N scale 14-Panel Hoppers: New York Central-2nd run, Rio Grande post-1974, Conrail-2nd run, Clincfield post-1972, Great Northern-2nd run, South East Coal Co. post-1974, Chessie-Western Maryland, Great Lakes Carbon, Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac.
New N Scale 14-Panel Hoppers:
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Postponed. Delivery TBD.
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HO & N Scale Cabooses in various body styles: Chicago & North Western yellow, Penn Central with logo, Delaware & Hudson, Union Pacific, Chessie B&O, Missouri Pacific, Elgin Joliet & Eastern old, and Santa Fe.
HO & N Scale Cabooses in various body styles: Illinois Central Gulf, Grand Trunk Western, D&H-Napierville Junction "Bicentennial", Family Lines L&N, Burlington Northern green, BN patched-GN, Great Northern, Frisco yellow, and Toledo Peoria & Western red/white.
Click on the pic for all the details...
Click on the pic for all the details...
New Short Body and Transfer Cabooses coming to HO and N:
Coming to N scale: International Car Co. Bay Window Cabooses.
Phase 1, 2, 3, and 4 plus the iconic "Half-Bay Window" edition.
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N Scale ICC Bay Window Cabooses. Phase 1: Erie Lackawanna, Southern; Phase 2: Chicago & North Western; Chicago & Eastern Illinois; Phase 3: Nickel Plate Road, Western Pacific; Phase 4: Rock Island, Union Pacific, Louisville & Nashville, Delaware & Hudson yellow; Half-Bay Window: Conrail and New York Central.
New N Scale USRA 2-Bay Hoppers.
N Scale USRA 2-Bay Hoppers: Colorado & Southern, Toledo Peoria & Western, Pittsburgh & West Virginia 2nd version, Pennsylvania Railroad 2nd run, Penn-Dixie Cement, Southern Pacific, Morgantown & Kingwood, Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis, Montour, Central Vermont and Peabody Short Line 2nd run.
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Postponed. Delivery TBD.
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Just Shipped to Dealers:
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N Scale ICC Bay Window Cabooses. Top picture, left to right: Northern Alberta Railways, original Norfolk Southern, Penn Central, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Green Bay & Western, New York Central oxide red, Missouri-Kansas-Texas KATY, Chicago Great Western. Bottom picture: Burlington Northern, Chessie B&O, Canadian National ex-NAR, Frisco, Wisconsin Central ex-GB&W, Kansas City Southern, Bessemer & Lake Erie.
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Postponed. Delivery TBD.
The following runs have been postponed pending the move to our new factory. Schedule updates will be posted when they become available.

Production Schedule Announcement.


Bluford Shops has also been affected by the closure of a leading rolling stock factory in late July. We are working on moving production to different suppliers but this will take some time so previously projected delivery dates are now “To Be Determined.”  We will hold on to pre-orders already placed and will confirm them with our dealer and distributor network when production is ready to resume. The situation remains somewhat fluid as of this writing but we’ll do our best to keep you informed of our progress. Your understanding is appreciated.

N scale cornfield
The Cornfields Are Back!
N Scale Summer and Autumn Cornfields are available again!
HO Scale Summer Cornfields are also back after a fallow period.
Click on the field at the right to read all the details!
Postponed. Delivery TBD.