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December 16, 2014
Welcome to Bluford Shops, Manufacturer of HO & N Model Railroad Equipment.
Products bearing Southern Pacific, Chicago & North Western, Missouri Pacific, Missouri Kansas Texas, Chicago Great Western and Union Pacific marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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Injection molded plastic Cornfields are coming to HO &N in 2015!
Injection molded plastic cornfields are coming to N and HO scales in 2015. No drilling of holes, no tedious bending of leaves - plant a whole field in an evening! Rows of 20 cornstalks are molded on a strip which includes pins and sockets. Plug the strips together to form perfect rows and fill the desired space. The strips are flexible enough to follow terrain that is consistent with prototype cornfields.

Each N scale package includes 54 strips of 20 cornstalks for a total of 1120 cornstalks. That fills an area greater than 19.5 square inches.

HO cornfields will be available in two different package sizes. 20 strips of 20 for a total of 400 cornstalks which fills and area of 23.7 square inches; and 54 strips of 20 for a total of 1120 cornstalks which fills a whopping 66.4 square inches!

Combine multiple packages for really large fields.

The N scale versions are scheduled for delivery in January. The HO versions are coming in the 2nd quarter of 2015.
14-Panel Hoppers in (right to left) Erie Lackawanna - yellow rib, Delaware & Hudson ex-EL, FDDM (C&NW) ex-EL, Conrail - black, Western Maryland - 2nd Version. Click for more info!
peabody-14p.jpg bluford_93001012.jpg image-for-sep-14-announcement.jpg
Our Latest N Scale Announcements...
3-Bay Offset Side Hoppers in (right to left) Central of Georgia - black; Boston & Maine - medium logo; Bessemer & Lake Erie (post-1973); Big Red Line OL&B; Boston & Albany; Louisiana & Arkansas; Detroit Toledo & Ironton. Click for more info!
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101 N Scale Cornfield - Summer Green - 1120 Cornstalks, 19.5 square inches. $24.95
201 HO Scale Cornfield - Summer Green - 400 Cornstalks, 23.7 square inches. $19.95
203 HO Scale Cornfield - Summer Green - 1120 Cornstalks, 66.4 square inches. $45.85
HO Cabooses previously shipped to dealers...
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HO Scale Cabooses in GN, AMTK, GTW, CR, IHB, and KCS.
HO Scale Cabooses in GB&W, MON, ICG, N&W, Chessie, C&EI, and EL.
Second HO scale Caboose Announcement
Third HO scale Caboose Announcement
N Wood Chip Hoppers recently shipped to dealers...
Wood chip hoppers in GTW, CP, IC, Soo, GMSR, SAL, CIRR, SLSF, MP and AD&N.
Second Group of N scale Wood Chip Hoppers.
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102 N Scale Cornfield - Autumn Harvest - 1120 Cornstalks, 19.5 square inches. $24.95
202 HO Scale Cornfield - Autumn Harvest - 400 Cornstalks, 23.7 square inches. $19.95
204 HO Scale Cornfield - Autumn Harvest - 1120 Cornstalks, 66.4 square inches. $45.85
bluford_93001005.jpg bluford_93001004.jpg
Cabooses in TRRA, Buffalo & Pittsburgh, B&O-SBD, IT, EJ&E, Alton & Southern, Willamette & Pacific, C&NW, Central Michigan, Finger Lakes Rwy, GM&O, P-RSL, Delaware-Lackawanna, Wisconsin & Southern, P&LE, and BN plus a 2nd run of Missouri Pacific with two new road numbers.
Just Shipped to Retailers:
These N Scale Cabooses...
bluford_93001003.jpg bluford_93001002.jpg bluford_93001001.jpg
Cabooses in M-K-T, NYC, RI, Southern, PC and CGW.
...and these HO Scale Cabooses:
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Note the HO scale versions of this group of road names is still in production and are expected during the first quarter of 2015.