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53' Well Cars begin to appear.
Camas Prarie becomes Camas Prarie Railnet.
Stack train era on the Susquehanna comes to an end.
Pacific Harbor Line takes over for Harbor Belt Line.
Ottawa Central appears (spinnning off of CN.)
Chicago Central & Pacific acquired by Illinois Central.
Illinois Central becomes a subsidiary of Canadian National.
Conrail is split between NS and CSX. Conrail Shared Assets formed.
Canadian Pacific and Canadian National withdraw the last of their MLW-Bombardier built diesels from service.
Alberta RailNet spins off from Canadian National.
Altamont Commuter Express begins operation.
Ferromex (partly owned by UP) spins off of FNM in Mexico.
Maryland & Pennsylvania merges with Yorkrail to form York Railway.
Central Manitoba Rwy spins off from Canadian National.
E&N Railfreight sold to RailAmerica shortline group to become Esquimalt & Nanaimo Rwy again.
Georgia & Florida RR becomes Georgia & Florida RailNet.
Georgia Southwestern RR opens.
Heart of Georgia RR opens.
Northeast Kansas & Missouri merges back into Union Pacific.
RaiLink Canada acquired by RailAmerica.
Okanagan Valley Rwy opens.
Mexico Valley Rwy & Terminal opens.
Tacoma Municiple Belt Line and Tacoma Eastern combined to form Tacoma Rail.
Stillwater Central opens.
South Orient closes.
Southeast Kansas RR merges into South Kansas & Oklahoma.
Amtrak launches Acela.
UP adds US flags to many locomotives.
RailTex shortline group sold to RailAmerica shortline group.
Wisconsin Central merges into Canadian National.
St. Lawrence & Hudson merges back into Canadian Pacific.
Southern California's Alameda Corridor opens.
DM&E acquires I&M Rail Link and renames it Iowa Chicago & Eastern.
Bangor & Aroostook, Quebec Southern and Canadian-American become Montreal Maine & Atlantic.
SD70ACe, ES44AC introduced.
Driver shortage - new wave of trailers hits the rails.
286,000 lb. cars now legal for interchange.
NS adds horse profile to logos on engine flanks and white "masks."
Austin & Northwestern becomes Austin Area Terminal Railroad.
Western New York & Pennsylvania appears.
Buckingham Branch expands to Richmond and Charlottesville.
Central Kansas merges with Kansas Southwestern to form Kansas & Oklahoma.
Great Western Railway opens in Saskatchewan.
Gateway Western merged into KCS.
Kelowna Pacific opens.
Sounder launches in Seattle.
Texas Pacifico takes over the old South Orient route.
Sierra RR merges with Yolo Short line to form Sierra Northern.
Quebec Central spins off from Canadian Pacific.
CN acquires B&LE, BCR and DM&IR.
Burlington Northern & Santa Fe becomes BNSF Railway.
Reflector stripes begin to appear.
Reflector stripes begin to appear.
RP20BD, ES40DC, ES44DC, ES44AC introduced.
CP stops putting the beaver logo on locomotives.
TFM becomes Kansas City Southern de Mexico.
Appalachian & Ohio appears.
OmniTrax launches Alabama & Tennessee River RR (CSX spin off.)
Alberta RailNet becomes Savage Alberta Railway.
Alabama Southern spins off of KCS.
Chicago Fort Wayne & Eastern appears (spinning off of CSX.)
Yellowstone Valley RR spins off of BNSF.
Illinois RailNet becomes Illinois Rwy.
Kettle Falls International opens.
Marquette Rail opens.
Pittsburg & Shawmut and Mountain Laurel merge into Buffalo & Pittsburgh.
Nebraska Kansas Colorado RailNet becomes Nebraska Kansas Colorado Rwy.
Peoria & Pekin Union becomes Tazewell & Peoria.
Timber Rock Railroad opens.
MEC and B&M boxcars start to receive Pan Am colors.
Athabasca Northern opens in Alberta.
P42DC introduced.
The Railroad History Timeline - A Tool for Modelers.