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N Scale International Car Bay Window Cabooses.
Over the years the design of the bay windows evolved and Bluford Shops is presenting four phases of these designs plus the iconic half-bay window edition. Three of those five will be represented in this announcement. Ladders and running boards will be included on appropriate paint schemes for each version. The ready-to-run models will feature magnetically operating knuckle couplers, Fox Valley Models metal wheels, wire grab irons, window “glass”, and plenty of weight. MSRP: $39.95.
Penn Central took delivery of this group of Half-Bay Window cabooses from International Car beginning in December of 1970. They featured a strange (for Penn Central) lettering style for the road numbers that seemed to be unique to this class of cars. The small white dot to the upper right of the road number was a signal to crews that these cabooses could handle the stress of diesel helpers coupled behind them.
40030 Penn Central #24524.
40031 Penn Central #24549.
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie had long been under the control of the New York Central System and NYC’s penchant for Half-Bay Window cabooses spread to the P&LE. In the wake of the collapse of NYC successor Penn Central, the P&LE continued to be a strong earner and as such was excluded from the creation of Conrail. A new group bought the P&LE from the post-bankruptcy PC and introduced this ornate 19th Century style logo for their cabooses.
40040 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie yellow #501.
40041 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie yellow #508.
Northern Alberta Railways had an independent streak despite being jointly owned by CP Rail and Canadian National (or perhaps because of it.) This extended to the use of Half-Bay Window cabooses, a design not seen on their parent lines. Their caboose paint scheme mirrors that used on their diesels.
40050 Northern Alberta Railways #13006.
40051 Northern Alberta Railways #13025.
In 1981, CP Rail had sold their stake in Northern Alberta Railways to Canadian National and NAR was merged into the greater CN system. At least one of the NAR cabooses was re-lettered and re-numbered for CN while preserving the original NAR colors.
40060 Canadian National ex-NAR #79101.
40061 Canadian National ex-NAR #79105.
Although New York Central’s vast fleet of Half-Bay Window cabooses is often identified with the Century Green era, much of the fleet was actually built during the earlier oxide red years. In fact, over 300 oxide red half-bay window cars were in service during NYC’s steam era.
40070 New York Central oxide red #20380.
40071 New York Central oxide red #20452.
Chicago Great Western took delivery of this group of phase II cabooses from International Car in 1955. Most of the fleet continued to wear this paint scheme right through the 1968 merger with Chicago & North Western.
42030 Chicago Great Western maroon #625.
42031 Chicago Great Western maroon #634.
Green Bay & Western’s International Car phase II caboose fleet was delivered beginning in 1965. Just 255 miles long, the GB&W divided Wisconsin in two, running from just over the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota to the Lake Michigan ferry docks at Kewaunee, Wisconsin.
42040 Green Bay & Western #615.
42041 Green Bay & Western #617.
Following its 1993 acquisition by Wisconsin Central, GB&W caboose 116 was patched and a new Wisconsin Central logo applied to the bay window. It subsequently found a new role as a shoving platform on the WC.
42050 Wisconsin Central ex-GB&W #GBW 116.
Missouri-Kansas-Texas built their own bay window cabooses in their shops in Denison, Texas beginning in 1959. The underframes came from retired wood sheathed cupola cabooses originally built in 1928.
42060 Missouri-Kansas-Texas KATY #63.
42061 Missouri-Kansas-Texas KATY #67.
The original Norfolk Southern built their own bay window cabooses using some components from retired boxcars. This NS had 622 miles of line linking a number of North Carolina’s major cities with Norfolk, Virginia.
42070 original Norfolk Southern red #385.
42071 original Norfolk Southern red #383*. *In the original announcement, the road number for 42071 original Norfolk Southern red was shown as #387. This has been changed to 383 at the request of NS experts in a bid for greater historical accuracy.
Bessemer & Lake Erie received this group of phase IV cabooses from International Car in 1975. B&LE, now a subsidiary of Canadian National, was known for heavy trains on heavy rail (155 pounds per yard, the heaviest rail made) and titanic bridges. Not bad for a line just 205 miles long.
44050 Bessemer & Lake Erie #1995.
44051 Bessemer & Lake Erie #2009.
Baltimore & Ohio took delivery of this group of 96 phase IV cabooses from International Car in 1975. These were the first cabooses delivered new in Chessie System colors. They could be found in service across the system. Note, after further research and discussions with Chessie experts, the trucks and underbody details on this car will also be painted Enchant Blue.
44060 Chessie B&O #C3837.
44061 Chessie B&O #C3915.
Burlington Northern received a group of phase IV cars from International Car in 1977. From the outset, these cars were assigned to pool service and could be seen in operation on connecting lines as well as on the BN. Burlington Northern would inherit more bay window cabooses with their 1980 acquisition of Frisco.
44070 Burlington Northern #11997.
44071 Burlington Northern #11999.
Kansas City Southern had long been a proponent of the bay window caboose concept. Even in the steam era you were likely to see a single sheathed wooden bay window caboose bringing up the rear of a KCS train. So when the need arose in the 1970s, the phase IV International Car caboose was an easy choice.
44080 Kansas City Southern white #400.
44081 Kansas City Southern white #406.
Frisco built this group of bay window cabooses in their own shops in Springfield, Missouri in 1979. These were Frisco’s last new cabooses and they went on to earn their keep with Burlington Northern.
44090 Frisco #1726.
44091 Frisco #1735.
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