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Shipped to Dealers in November, 2017: 
Bluford Shops is proud to announce our first new Caboose runs in HO and N scales since 2015. These cabooses are ready to run. The inclusion and position of details varies with the road name to better capture the appearance of the prototype. N scale cabooses feature plastic bodies and details with etched brass and wire details, knuckle couplers and Fox Valley Models metal wheels. HO scale cabooses have plastic bodies with wire grab irons and cut levers, metal wheels. MSRP: N scale: $37.95; HO Scale: $49.95.

First up, we have three road names on our Short Body Bay Window Caboose. Despite their length, these cabooses were intended for road service although they were often
used later in life as shoving platforms.
CSX caboose #16607 appears to have been painted just after the CSX holding company became CSX Transportation. The early version of the logo with the word
Toledo Peoria & Western cabooses #525 and 526 were delivered in the line’s fanciful 2-tone green paint scheme. Many shippers liked to use the TP&W as a bridge between the Santa Fe in the west and the Pennsylvania Railroad in the east, avoiding congestion in Chicago. In 1960, the M&St.L attempted to gain control of the TP&W. Santa Fe stepped in, easily outbidding M&St.L for shares of the company. Santa Fe then sold half of their stake to PRR, solidifying the TP&W’s status as a bridge road for many years.
N Scale: 21200 Toledo Peoria & Western #525 green; 21201 Toledo Peoria & Western #526 green.
HO Scale: 31200 Toledo Peoria & Western #525 green; 31201 Toledo Peoria & Western #526 green.
The Union Railroad serves the steel mills of the Monongahela River Valley south of Pittsburgh. The Union is just 31 miles long but very busy. In 1951, they hauled 74 million net tons making URR the busiest freight railroad per mile of track in the world. Today, Union serves USS Edgar Thomson Works which includes blast furnaces, basic oxygen process producing molten steel and a continuous caster; USS Irvin Works which includes rolling mills and finishing lines and USS Clairton Works which converts coal into coke.
N Scale: 21210 Union Railroad #C-1017; 21211 Union Railroad #C-1014.
HO Scale: 31210 Union Railroad #C-1017; 31211 Union Railroad #C-1014.
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The following runs are on our Short Roof version of the Transfer Caboose.
During its time, Conrail had the largest fleet of transfer cabooses in the nation. Over the years they have appeared in several paint scheme variations and we are producing two new variations here. Caboose #18089 was an early full repaint that included an extra long version of the wheel-and-rail logo. Caboose #18057 was a later repaint with the more common shorter logo but applied high up the side of the body. The road number is also applied very high on the side of the body.
N Scale: 24270 Conrail #18089; 24271 Conrail #18057.
HO Scale: 34270 Conrail #18089; 34271 Conrail #18057.
N Scale: 24280 Southern Pacific #907 “Safety Is More Than Knowing…”; 24281 Southern Pacific #919 “Safety is Everybody’s Business”
HO Scale: 34280 Southern Pacific #907 “Safety Is More Than Knowing…”; 34281 Southern Pacific #919 “Safety is Everybody’s Business”
Southern Pacific’s fleet of transfer cabooses was spartan even by transfer caboose standards. They even dispensed with side windows decades before it became fashionable in the shoving-platform era. Car #907 had “Safety Is More Than Knowing, It’s Doing” along with a curious representation of a flag. The flag also appears on the ends. Car #919 dispensed with the flags on the sides (although they are on the ends) going with just a “Safety Is Everybody’s Business” slogan instead.
Indiana Harbor Belt’s fleet of transfer cabooses has worn three major paint scheme groups since their original delivery in NYC green. These OSHA Orange cars followed the green and preceded the black and orange versions. At first glance, these look very much like the black and orange cars with the colors reversed. However, the “HARBOR” lettering has a unique, and slightly wonky quality (you can really see it in the A) that was replaced in the later version.
N Scale: 24290 Indiana Harbor Belt orange #10; 24291 Indiana Harbor Belt orange #11.
HO Scale: 34290 Indiana Harbor Belt orange #10; 34291 Indiana Harbor Belt orange #11.
This is our second run of Kansas City Southern transfer cabooses and this time we present them as they appeared when repainted after 1983. This version includes the newly adopted 4-box consolidated stencil, the solid yellow frame stripe and the high mounted logo with road numbers in red. And of course, the road numbers differ from the last run.
N Scale: 24300 Kansas City Southern #391; 24301 Kansas City Southern #397.
HO Scale: 34300 Kansas City Southern #391; 34301 Kansas City Southern #397.
Although our other Missouri Pacific cabooses have on many occasions been mis-identified as “transfer cabooses” due to their short length, these cars without the bay window really are transfer cabooses. MoPac built 30 shack-on-a-flat style cars in the early 1960s. This version will be available in two road numbers.
N Scale: 24310 Missouri Pacific transfer service #11922; 24311 Missouri Pacific transfer service #11904.
HO Scale: 34310 Missouri Pacific transfer service #11922; 34311 Missouri Pacific transfer service #11904.

Some of the MoPac transfer cabooses were assigned to subsidiary Texas & Pacific. This car, T&P 13932 was stenciled BOP DODGER SERVICE ONLY. “Dodger” was MoPac’s term for a local since they were responsible for clearing the main for scheduled freights. The BOP is a bit of a mystery but one source believes this car may have been assigned to a dodger serving a Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac plant for a time.
N Scale: 24320 MP-Texas & Pacific Dodger Service #13932.
HO Scale: 34320 MP-Texas & Pacific Dodger Service #13932.
This run of New York Central transfer cabooses features cars that were built after the 1966 ban on running boards on new cars. At the time, NYC was building the largest fleet of transfer cabooses in the country at their Despatch Shops in Rochester, New York and construction would continue through the Penn Central merger.
N Scale: 24330 New York Central #18155; 24331 New York Central #18149.
HO Scale: 34330 New York Central #18155; 34331 New York Central #18149.
In addition to building transfer cabooses for themselves, NYC also built them for their many subsidiaries and affiliates. One of these was the Central Indiana Railway. CIRY was jointly owned by New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroad and hosted traffic from both to bypass congestion in Indianapolis. Central Indiana Railway and their caboose were included in the 1976 Conrail consolidation.
N Scale: 24340 Central Indiana Rwy #67.
HO Scale: 34340 Central Indiana Rwy #67.
“Transportation” was included on the bay window. Shortly after it was painted, someone added “The Love Shack” logo to the ends of the car. The position of this lettering differs on each end and this detail has been duplicated on our models. This caboose complete with Love Shack lettering remains in service as of this writing. CSX Caboose #16630 does not have the “Transportation” version of the logo but does include the early version of the CSX logo (note the X in CSX is narrower on these two road numbers when compared to our first CSX run. All logo versions are accurate for their respective numbers.)
N Scale: 21190 CSXT #16607 “Love Shack”; 21191 CSXT #16630.
HO Scale: 31190 CSXT #16607 “Love Shack”; 31191 CSXT #16630.
On this run of Southern Railway transfer cabooses, we present two road numbers of cars that have had their running boards removed. Southern began building their own transfer cabooses of this style in 1955 using 30 year old flat car frames as a base. In 1960, they began receiving this paint scheme and at least 6 years later, they began losing their running boards.
N Scale: 24350 Southern #XC 1; 24351 Southern #XC 4.
HO Scale: 34350 Southern #XC 1; 34351 Southern #XC 4.
By 1975, Rock Island adopted THE ROCK image. RI never settled on a single lettering scheme in the maroon caboose era and this continued in the blue era as we see with these two runs. RI 19138 is the earlier of the two since it continues to use RI reporting marks. Even the R logo is taller than later versions. Caboose #19125 now uses ROCK reporting marks and the later R logo. There is also more blue and less black paint.
N Scale: 24360 Rock Island blue #19138 “Injuries Hurt Everyone”; 24361 Rock Island blue #19125 “The Rock”.
HO Scale: 34360 Rock Island blue #19138 “Injuries Hurt Everyone”; 34361 Rock Island blue #19125 “The Rock”.
Our last two road names are also transfer cabooses but with running boards and ladders.

Chicago & North Western’s fleet of familiar yellow and green transfer cabooses were actually built in 1964 and 1965 with this BC Red paint scheme with yellow lettering. In this era, having a radio in the caboose still warranted a special logo on the side. Two all new road numbers are presented here.
N Scale: 25090 Chicago & North Western red #12527; 25091 Chicago & North Western red #12520.
HO Scale: 35090 Chicago & North Western red #12527; 35091 Chicago & North Western red #12520.
Detroit Terminal Railroad also received cabooses from the NYC Despatch Shops in 1967. DTRR was jointly owned at the time by New York Central and Grand Trunk Western. The influence of both parents can be seen in the lettering. Detroit Terminal was merged into Conrail in 1981.
N Scale: 25100 Detroit Terminal #35.
HO Scale: 35100 Detroit Terminal #35.
Products bearing Missouri Pacific, and Chicago & North Western marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
We will be running Undecorated cars again on these 3 caboose body styles.
N Scale: 21000 Short Body Bay Window Caboose; 24000 Transfer Caboose - Short Roof; 25000 Transfer Caboose - With Running Board. (N scale undecs are assembled.)
HO Scale: 31000 Short Body Bay Window Caboose; 34000 Transfer Caboose - Short Roof; 35000 Transfer Caboose - With Running Board. (HO scale undecs are kits.)
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