Pullman Standard 86’ Auto Parts Box Cars Now in N Scale!
Bluford Shops N scale Pullman Standard 86 ’Auto Parts Box Cars in both Double and Quad Door versions have injection molded plastic bodies, etched metal details, operating knuckle couplers, accurately appearing trucks and cushion draft gear enclosures. Most runs are in 3 road numbers, a single car and a 2-Pack. Cars will operate on an 11" radius curve as delivered but come with a "lift-kit" for operation on even tighter curves.
These cars first appeared in the mid-60s and are still in use today. Unlike general service freight cars, auto parts boxes are assigned to pools based on a mileage formula and often spend most of their time off home rails. In other words, “foreign road” cars usually out-number home road cars in a given parts train to the point that if you missed the locomotives passing, you would have a hard time telling whose train it was!
Randall Smith painted and decaled this Bluford Shops quad door car in Illinois Central Gulf. The Taco Ted grafitti is a reference to Bluford Shops phone number! (See our Contact Us page.)  Nice job! 
Here Randall Smith shows us his weathering on a factory lettered Bluford Shops DT&I sky blue car. Outstanding! 
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Bluford Shops products are not intended for children under 14.
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