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Some of the above pictures show the cars with track, scenery and even other cars for a bit of context. Obviously the cars in question don't include that stuff - but you knew that already.
Now In Stock at Bluford Shops:   Samples, Orphans and Oddballs.
N Scale 14-Panel 3-Bay Hoppers.
14471 sample Penn Central ore service $23.95
14501 sample Western Railway of Alabama (2nd run) $23.95
14551 sample Great Northern 2nd run $24.95
14581 sample Great Lakes Carbon $24.95
14591 sample Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac $24.95
N Scale Short Body Bay Window Caboose.
21191 sample CSXT #16630 $37.95
N Scale Transfer Caboose - Short Roof.
24360 sample Rock Island blue #19138 "Injuries Hurt Everyone" $37.95.
N Scale USRA 30'6" 2-Bay Hoppers.
60191 sample Charleston & Western Carolina $23.95
60401 sample Public Service New Jersey $24.95
60411 sample Westmoreland Coal brown $24.95
60442 orphan Penn-Dixie Cement #PDSX 104 $24.95
60482 orphan Toledo Peoria & Western #TP&W 1642 $24.95
60533 orphan Pennsylvania Railroad 2nd run #220261 $24.95
N Scale 2-Bay Re-built War Emergency Hoppers.
64061 sample Atlantic Coast Line $24.95
65041 sample New Haven #NH 116045 $24.95
65042 orphan New Haven #NH 116170 $24.95
65051 sample Penn-Dixie Cement PDSX $24.95
65161 sample Philadelphia & Reading $24.95
N Scale 8-Panel Hoppers.
N Scale 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers.
66051 sample Northern Pacific post-1967 $24.95
66071 sample Bangor & Aroostook $24.95
66141 sample Delaware & Hudson ilmenite svc. NO LOAD $21.95
66151 sample Frisco black $24.95
Products bearing Texas & Pacific marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
Over time we have accumulated items that, for one reason or another, cannot be sold through our regular network of dealers and distributors. Ordinarily, we would take these items to shows but that hasn't been an option for a while. Now we are making them available to the general public on a direct-order basis only. Assume there is only one left of each of these items. Everything is subject to sellout prior to the next website update. Allow me to explain the suffix to the item numbers:

"sample" means this car was the production sample for the run. It was the first completed car off the production line and was sent to the office for approval. It is usually the car photographed for the website. They are complete but there is no paper insert in the box.

"orphan" or "orphan b" means this is a road number that was in a 2-pack or 3-pack (the last digit of the item number tells you which) but is now on its own.

"RIP" Railroadese for Repair In Place. These are cars that have other issues such as a missing coupler trip pin (not an issue if you don't use magnetic uncouplers), missing shrink wrap on a 2-pack, etc. The issue is spelled out in the description. If you are interested in any of these cars, drop us a line at (be sure to include the item number suffix:)
66171 sample Pittsburg & Shawmut $24.95
66191 sample Texas & Pacific #T&P 9046 $24.95
14563 orphan South East Coal Co. post-1974 single #SECX 774024 $24.95;
60152 orphan Central of Georgia #CofGa 21183. $23.95
N Scale 3-Bay Offset Side Hoppers.
73032 orphan Bangor & Aroostook #BAR 637 $17.95
73611 sample American Steel & Wire $21.79
73671 sample Bangor & Aroostook (1950s) $21.79
73152 orphan Southern Railway (black) #SOUTHERN 70049 $21.79
73252 orphan Chesapeake & Ohio #C&O 79624 $21.79
N Scale 86' Auto Parts Boxcars - Double Door.
86162 RIP Pennsylvania 2-pack. (One coupler trip pin is missing from one car. Not an issue if you don't use magnetic uncoupling.) $49.90