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Injection molded plastic Cornfields in HO & N. Click on the cornfield to read all about them!
N scale cornfield set
Products bearing Union Pacific, Western Pacific, Southern Pacific, Cotton Belt, Chicago & North Western, Missouri Pacific, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Chicago Great Western, Missouri-Kansas-Texas and Rio Grande marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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New N scale Bay Window Cabooses! Most Pre-Orders are still open.
Click on the pic for all the details...
Click on the pic for all the details...
New N Scale Bay Window Cabooses are in stores NOW:
Click on the pic for all the details...
N Scale ICC Bay Window Cabooses. Conrail Shared Assets red, New York CentrALERT Safety Wherever, Burlington Northern left logo, Chicago & Eastern Illinois buzzsaw, Rock Island phase 3 as delivered, Southern Pacific orange bay window, Chicago & North Western red with yellow lettering, Nasville Chattanooga & St. Louis, Louisville & Nashville, Norfolk & Western post-'71, Southern transition era with Roman lettering, Soo Line bandit. Not shown: Burlington Northern in the BNSF era.
Bluford Shops products are not intended for children under 14.
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June 27, 2024.
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New N Scale 2-Bay War Emergency Composite Hoppers are in stores NOW!  
N Scale 2-Bay War Emergency Composite Hoppers. Pennsylvania circle keystone, Burlington Way of the Zephyrs/Everywhere West, Santa Fe (with sulfur loads,) Baltimore & Ohio 13 Great States, Nickel Plate Road NYC&StL black, Lehigh Valley, Virginian, Southern black transition era, Monon,
Louisville & Nashville version 2, Burlington Way of the Zephyrs/Everywhere West, Clinchfield, Atlantic Coast Line with mineral loads.
New N scale 3 Bay Offset Side Hoppers are in stores now:
N Scale 3 Bay Offset Side Hoppers: Santa Fe Ga-121 class; Canadian National 12" billboard; Baltimore & Ohio billboard version 2; Burlington-Chinese Red; Chicago & North Western - CGW; Illinois Central split rail; Kansas City Southern white; Missouri Pacific and Missouri-Illinois center logo; Ontario Northland version 2; Ontario Northland C&O service; Pittsburgh & Lake Erie cigar band; Pere Marquette centered number; Seaboard Air Line post-'74; Southern Pacific T&NO Roman billboard.
New N Scale 86' Quad Door Boxcars are in transit from the factory! Some pre-orders are still open:
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N Scale 86' Quad Door Boxcars. CSX-B&O; Norfolk Southern; Rock Island shield; Conrail medium logo; Union Pacific Automated Railway;
Missouri Pacific as delivered; Grand Trunk Western post-'74; New York Central black ends; Southern Gives a Green Light...; and Canadian National website.
Click on the pic for all the details...
N Scale Bay Window Cabooses: (left to right, front to back) Santa Fe Phase 1, Conrail giant logo, Southern FGE-built, Route Rock white, Norfolk Southern - Southern Rwy heritage, Santa Fe half bay window, New York Central oxide red version 2.
New N scale Bay Window Cabooses! Most Pre-Orders are still open.
Click on the pic for all the details...
N Scale Bay Window Cabooses: (left to right, front to back) Chessie B&O orange Handle With Care, CSXT Cross Tracks Safely, Kansas City Southern Deramus Red,
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie deepwater green, Union Pacific blue ex-ROCK patched.
we_comp_5-23_group.jpg T&NO hopper
New N Scale 14-Panel Hoppers! Some Pre-Orders are still open!  
Click on the pic for all the details...
N Scale 14-Panel Hoppers. Erie Lackawanna post-'67, Santa Fe Ga-162 post-'74, Western Maryland post-'74, Louisville & Nashville post-'74, Penn Central post-'74, Florida East Coast post-'74, Clinchfield ex-P&LE (PC), Delaware & Hudson post-'73, Canada Southern version 2.
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Medium Dented.
Heavily Dented.
Couplers have been omitted in this view. Production cars have magnetically operating knuckle couplers.
New N Scale Tooling! 52'6" 15-Panel DENTED Mill Gondolas.

Seen here: 52064 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie green medium dented #P&LE 2934. Click on the car to see the rest of them.

Click on a Gondola for details and the first group of road names on this important new model.
Lightly Dented.