Pullman Standard 86’ Auto Parts Box Cars Now in N Scale!
Bluford Shops N scale Pullman Standard 86 ’Auto Parts Box Cars in both Double and Quad Door versions have injection molded plastic bodies, etched metal details, operating knuckle couplers, accurately appearing trucks and cushion draft gear enclosures. Most runs were produced 3 road numbers, a single car and a 2-Pack. The next run will feature two to four road numbers per paint scheme with each number available separately. Cars will operate on an 11" radius curve as delivered. Boxcar runs released in 2022 and forward will feature metal wheels and all-new 1015 compatible draft gear boxes.
These cars first appeared in the mid-60s and are still in use today. Unlike general service freight cars, auto parts boxes are assigned to pools based on a mileage formula and often spend most of their time off home rails. In other words, “foreign road” cars usually out-number home road cars in a given parts train to the point that if you missed the locomotives passing, you would have a hard time telling whose train it was!
Randall Smith painted and decaled this Bluford Shops quad door car in Illinois Central Gulf. The Taco Ted grafitti is a reference to Bluford Shops phone number! (See our Contact Us page.)  Nice job! 
Here Randall Smith shows us his weathering on a factory lettered Bluford Shops DT&I sky blue car. Outstanding! 
Bluford Shops products are not intended for children under 14.
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87031 Missouri Pacific (KOG) quad door single car.
Products bearing Union Pacific, Rio Grande, and Missouri Pacific marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
87011 Union Pacific (MP) quad door single car; 87012 Union Pacific (MP) 2-pack.
87021 Milwaukee Road.
Past Releases - N Scale 86' Quad Door Auto Parts Boxcars
87041 B&O quad door single car; 87042 B&O 2-pack.
87051 New York Central quad door single car; 87052 NYC 2-pack.
87061 Conrail (large logo) Quad Door single car, 87062 2-pack.
87071 Penn Central single car, 87072 2-pack.
87081 Missouri Pacific “Screaming Eagle” quad door single car, 87082 2-pack.
87091 Union Pacific “automated rail way ” quad door single car, 87092 2-pack
87101 Pennsylvania quad door single car, 87102 2-pack.
 87121 Detroit & Toledo Shore Line single; 87122 2-Pack.
87111 Southern single ; 87112 2-Pack.
Rock Island. 87131 single car; 87132 2-Pack.
Baltimore & Ohio. 87141 single car; 87142 2-Pack.
New York Central. 87171 single car; 87172 2-Pack.
Canadian National. 87181 single car; 87182 2-Pack.
Rio Grande. 87161 single car; 87162 2-Pack.
Grand Trunk Western. 87151 single car; 87152 2-Pack.
Union Pacific post-1970 86 ’ quad door boxcars. Union Pacific received their first cars of this design from Pullman Standard in 1964 in the paint scheme reflected in Bluford Shops #87091 and 87092 (now out of stock.) In the next 6 years, changes were made in UP’s painting standards. Most notably, the UP shield was changed to read “UNION PACIFIC ” with “RAILROAD” eliminated. In addition, the UNION PACIFIC in the middle was changed from black to red and the size of the reporting marks was increased considerably. The “Automated rail way” map remained but was joined by ACI tags and shortly after by consolidated stencils. The placement of data and various warnings was also changed. This would remain the standard paint scheme for this class of cars until 1983 when brown cars with small shields began to appear. These cars will be available in 3 road numbers. 87191 Union Pacific post-1970 single car; 87192 2-pack.
Chessie B&O 86’ quad door boxcars. B&O received these cars from Pullman Standard in 1965 in the paint scheme depicted in Bluford Shops #87041 and 87042 (now out of stock) but began to receive Chessie paint in 1973. Unlike most roads who opted for natural aluminum finish on their doors, B&O specified yellow doors on their cars from Pullman Standard. This feature remained on Chessie-era cars. However, as some cars required repainting, the crews painted all the doors blue instead of yellow. Therefore, one of the cars in our 2-pack will feature blue doors while the other and the single car will have the more common yellow doors. These cars will be available in 3 road numbers. 87201 Chessie B&O single car (yellow doors); 87202 2-pack (1 car with yellow doors, 1 car with blue doors).
Illinois Central Mainline of Mid-America 86’ Quad Door Boxcars. Illinois Central received these cars from Thrall during the Christmas season of 1964, well before IC switched to orange for boxcars. Quad door cars were preferred by General Motors and this group may have been assigned for loading at a GM plant in Indianapolis. The 6,700 mile Illinois Central system was famous for it’s network of Chicago-to-the-Gulf routes but they had several important east-west routes as well. These include routes to Omaha, Indianapolis, and Birmingham. This run will be available in 3 roadnumbers. 87211 Illinois Central Mainline of Mid-America single car; 87212 2-Pack.
Route Rock 86’ Quad Door Boxcars. Rock Island picked up a number of these cars in two batches from Pullman Standard beginning in 1964. 11 years later, during a reorganization, Rock Island had a major image overhaul and emerged as “The Rock.” As the quad door 86 footers came due for servicing, they emerged as these blue giants. As was the case with many repaints in the 1970s and later, the unpainted aluminum doors and galvanized roofs were painted along with everything else. However, what is unique to the Rock cars is the omission of the white band at the top of the car ends exclaming these are cars are of excess height! The omission was likely on the original lettering diagram for these cars at Rock’s El Reno, Oklahoma shops as all of the quad door cars painted blue were missing the white band. This run will be available in 3 roadnumbers. 87221 Route Rock single car; 87222 2-Pack.
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Some of the above pictures show the cars with track, scenery and even other cars for a bit of context. Obviously the cars in question don't include that stuff - but you knew that already.
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