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Over the years the design of the bay windows evolved and Bluford Shops is presenting four phases of these designs plus the iconic half-bay window edition. All five will be represented in this announcement. Ladders and running boards will be included on appropriate paint schemes for each version. The ready-to-run models will feature magnetically operating knuckle couplers, metal wheels, wire grab irons, window “glass”, and plenty of weight. MSRP: $39.95 each. See your dealer.
Shortly after their April, 1976 startup, Conrail began repainting their former PC N12 class half-bay window cabooses in this paint scheme. The CONRAIL name was painted up near the roofline while the road number was near the floor below the con-stencil. These cars also had a pair of marker lights on each end (a single light would later become the standard.) ACI tags also adorned these cars. This road name will be available in 2 road numbers.
40110 Conrail early #24505. $39.95
40111 Conrail early #24527. $39.95
Products bearing Union Pacific, Missouri-Kansas-Texas and Chicago Great Western marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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