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Bluford Shops is proud to announce a new group of N scale 14-Panel Hoppers featuring a good mix of all-new road names along with some popular paint schemes that have not been run in many years. These ready-to-run cars feature: die cast slope sheet-hopper bay-center sill assembly; injection molded plastic sides, ends, and hopper doors; fully molded brake tank, valve and air lines; body mounted brake hose detail; load; body mounted magnetically operating knuckle couplers; close coupling; and Fox Valley Models metal wheels. All road names will be available in multiple road numbers. For instance, order a single, a 2-pack and a 3-pack to get all six road numbers on a run. (Some road names will be available in just three road numbers.)
New 14-Panel Hoppers in N Scale. 
Most recently shipped to dealers.
It was New York Central who actually designed these 14-panel hoppers as an alternative to the AAR standard 9-panel car. The NYC design proved to be popular with more railroads than the AAR design. NYC went on to buy or build more than 7,000 of these hoppers for their own fleet.
14511 New York Central – 2nd run single $24.95
14512 New York Central – 2nd run 2-pack $49.90
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Rio Grande was an early adopter of this design, taking delivery of their first group of 14-panel hoppers in 1957. Ultimately they would take delivery of 500 of these cars from two builders. By the mid-70s, these cars had received ACI tags and consolidated stencils. This Rio Grande run includes black loads representing cars in coal or coke service.
14521 Rio Grande post-1974 single $24.95
14522 Rio Grande post-1974 2-pack $49.90
14523 Rio Grande post-1974 3-pack $74.85
Conrail inherited 14-panel hoppers from both Penn Central and Erie Lackawanna. As they came due for a full re-paint, this is the paint scheme they received. The placement of con-stencils and ACI tags was more habit than official standard so the location of these lettering details will vary from our first run.
14531 Conrail – 2nd run single $24.95
14532 Conrail – 2nd run 2-pack $49.90
14533 Conrail – 2nd run 3-pack $74.85
These 14-panel hoppers formed the core of Clinchfield Railroad’s car fleet from the mid-60s until the Seaboard System merger of 1983. Clinchfield served five states with just 300 miles of railroad and was one of the busiest railroads per mile of track in North America. By 1972, these hoppers had all received ACI tags and the first iteration of the con-stencil was being applied to the fleet.
14541 Clinchfield post-1972 single $24.95
14542 Clinchfield post-1972 2-pack $49.90
14543 Clinchfield post-1972 3-pack $74.85
In order to augment their 70 ton hopper fleet, Great Northern Railway purchased this group of 14-panel hoppers secondhand from Detroit Toledo & Ironton. The cars were repainted in GN’s latest paint scheme (adopted in 1967) before being placed in service. ACI tags were just becoming mandatory so these were included with the new paint job.
14551 Great Northern – 2nd run single $24.95
14552 Great Northern – 2nd run 2-pack $49.90
14553 Great Northern – 2nd run 3-pack $74.85
Faced with frequent hopper shortages in the early 1970s, South East Coal Company purchased over 800 hoppers on the used freight car market. Most were these 14-panel cars. This run depicts these SECX hoppers as they appeared after 1974 with the 2-box format con-stencils and ACI tags.
14561 South East Coal Co. post-1974 single $24.95
14562 South East Coal Co. post-1974 2-pack $49.90
14563 South East Coal Co. post-1974 3-pack $74.85
These 14-panel hoppers were delivered to Western Maryland in 1958 in WM’s “speed lettering” scheme. The Chessie System image for WM and sister roads C&O and B&O was unveiled in August of 1972 so cars shopped after that time emerged in this paint scheme.
14571 Chessie-Western Maryland single $24.95
14572 Chessie-Western Maryland 2-pack $49.90
14573 Chessie-Western Maryland 3-pack $74.85
Great Lakes Carbon acquired these 14-panel hoppers on the secondhand market to move their calcined petroleum coke used in making furnace anodes for aluminum mills and for refining titanium dioxide. Petroleum coke is a byproduct of oil refining and looks very much like coal.
14581 Great Lakes Carbon single $24.95
14582 Great Lakes Carbon 2-pack $49.90
Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac used their hoppers primarily for delivering gravel to feed the construction boom in their area. The four vertical stripes were common to most RF&P hoppers regardless of car design.
14591 Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac single $24.95
14592 Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac 2-pack $49.90
Products bearing Rio Grande marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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A car from the first run is shown here.