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More Past Releases of N scale USRA 2-Bay Hoppers.
The Montour Railroad served 27 coal mines with just 50 miles of railroad in southwestern Pennsylvania. This required a fleet of 1,500 USRA 2-bay hoppers along with another 500 hoppers of other designs making them a common sight across the Industrial Midwest. Montour was jointly owned by Pennsylvania Railroad and Pittsburgh & Lake Erie.
60491 Montour silver and black single car $24.95
60492 Montour silver and black 2-pack $49.90
Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis had 325 of these USRA 2-bay hoppers. NC&St.L ran from Memphis east to Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta. For a time, they had a route to St. Louis by way of Evansville but in 1879, L&N bought a 55% stake in the NC&St.L and transferred that line to themselves. The NC&St.L finally merged into L&N in 1957.
60501 Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis single car $24.95
60502 Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis 2-pack $49.90
The Morgantown & Kingwood was established in 1899 and over the next 8 years built a 48 mile railroad from a connection with the Baltimore & Ohio in Morgantown, West Virginia to Masontown, Kingwood and Rowlesburg where they connected with another B&O route at M&K Junction. The line was busy with traffic including coal, lumber, building stone and sand for glass making. After the war, M&K received 1,000 of these USRA hoppers from Standard Steel Car and Ralston. Morgantown & Kingwood was later acquired by B&O.
60511 Morgantown & Kingwood single car $24.95
60512 Morgantown & Kingwood 2-pack $49.90
The Central Vermont ran from the Atlantic coast port of New London, Connecticut north to the Canadian border. From the outset, they had been controlled by Grand Trunk Railway and their successor Canadian National. This group of 200 hoppers had received panel sides beginning in 1937 but as they came due for their second rebuilding, they again received flat side sheets as you see here.
60521 Central Vermont single car $24.95
60522 Central Vermont 2-pack $49.90
Pennsylvania Railroad had 300 of these cars in their GLd class. They had originally been part of the Long Island Rail Road fleet but were transferred to parent PRR after about a decade of service. The PRR was a leviathan in the steam era. With 6,152 locomotives on the roster, PRR had more engines than most railroads had freight cars. As for the freight car fleet, they had well north of a quarter of a million cars so many that a mixed through freight on nearly any railroad in the U.S. was statistically likely to have at least one PRR car in the mix. This 2nd run features six all new road numbers.
60531 Pennsylvania Railroad 2nd run single car $24.95
60532 Pennsylvania Railroad 2nd run 2-pack $49.90
60533 Pennsylvania Railroad 2nd run 3-pack $74.85
Some of the above pictures show the cars with track, scenery and even other cars for a bit of context. Obviously the cars in question don't include that stuff - but you knew that already.