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Indiana Railroad appears (spinning off of ICG.)
53' trailers begin to appear.
Wisconsin Central re-appears (spinning off of Soo Line.)
48' Containers appear in quantity.
Chicago Central & Pacific appears (spinning off ICG.)
Dakota Minnesota & Eastern appears (spinning off C&NW)
DASH 8-40C introduced.
Cabooses become rare.
ICG becomes Illinois Central again.
GP60, SD50F, SD60F, F40PH-2 introduced.
BN begins painting cars with no name or logo.
Paducah & Louisville appears (spinning off of ICG.)
Washington Central appears (spinning off BN.)
Springfield Terminal becomes operator of MEC and B&M under Guilford.
Butte Anaconda & Pacific becomes Rarus Railway.
Milwaukee Road merges into Soo Line.
Gulf & Mississippi appears (spinning off of ICG)
Triple Crown Services appears.
Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo folded into CP Rail.
Arkansas & Missouri appears (spinning off of BN)
MidSouth appears (spinning off ICG.)
Chicago Missouri & Western appears (spinning off ICG)
First RJ Corman shortline appears.
Central Michigan appears (spinning off of GTW.)
Red River Valley & Western appears (spinning off BN)
Montana Rail Link appears (spinning off BN)
MKT merges into UP.
MidSouth buys Gulf & Mississippi.
Ohio Central System appears.
BC Hydro Railway becomes Southern Railway of British Columbia.
Fort Worth & Western appears.
Buffalo & Pittsburgh appears (spinning off CSX)
Southern Pacific acquired by Rio Grande Industries.
CM&W shuts down, SP enters Chicago, Gateway Western launched.
KCS goes from white diesels to gray.
Santa Fe brings back red and silver war bonnet.
Santa Fe moves it's first JB Hunt trailer.
BN introduces logo-but-no-name scheme.
48' Spine cars introduced.
Toledo Peoria & Western becomes independent again.
Tourist line Housatonic RR becomes freight line.
South Florida gets commuter rail.
Nashville & Eastern appears (spinning off of Seaboard System.)
Selected Chessie and Seaboard System equipment appears in early CSX colors (with B&O, C&O or SBD reporting marks.)
Cabooses no longer required on mainline freights. 
CP Rail phases out the Multi-Mark logo.
Allegheny Railroad appears.
Arizona Eastern appears (spinning off of Southern Pacific.)
Austin & Northwestern appears.
British Columbia Railway changes name to BC Rail.
Buckingham Branch appears (spinning off of CSX.)
CP Rail establishes Canadian Atlantic Railway.
Aberdeen Carolina & Western opens.
Wisconsin & Calumet appears.
Copper Basin appears.
Yadkin Valley appears (spinning off of NS.)
Dakota Southern appears.
Florida Northern appears.
S-BC, Ch-P, FUS, Pacifico, merged with NdeM to form the new Ferrocarril Nationales de Mexico (FNM.)
Farmrail opens Grainbelt subsidiary.
Dakota Missouri Valley & Western appears (spun off Soo Line)
115 ton cars appear in quantity.
NS reporting marks begin to replace NW and SOU on Norfolk Southern.
Canadian Pacific fully acquires Soo Line.
Wheeling & Lake Erie re-appears (spun off NS)
Ditch Lights begin to appear in US.
Last new diesels delivered in Rio Grande paint.
Golden West Service rolling stock appears.
Georgia Central appears.
Huron & Eastern appears.
In Chicago, RTA becomes Metra.
Michigan Northern closes.
Minneapolis Northfield & Southern merges into Soo Line.
Northeast Kansas & Missouri opens.
Santa Fe gets GP60B's bringing back A-B-B-A sets for a short time.
Friction Bearings banned on many tank cars.
Oregon California & Eastern shuts down.
Arizona & California appears (spinning off of ATSF.)
Twin Cities & Western appears (spinning off of Soo.)
RF&P merges into CSX.
Wichita Tillman & Jackson appears (spinning off of UP.)
Mohawk Adirondack & Northern opens.
Mountain Laurel opens.
The new Oneida & Western ends operations.
Otter Tail Valley Rwy opens.
PATrain closes down.
Port of Tillamook Bay RR expands.
Southwestern Railroad opens.
Southeast Kansas Railroad opens.
CSX subsidiary roads are officially merged into CSX Transportation (with CSXT reporting marks.)
Southeast Coal Company stops running their own trains (SECX.)
Shore Line East commuter operation opens.
Seagraves Whiteface & Lubbock opens.
St. Lawrence & Atlantic opens (spinning off of CN.)
Blue Mountain & Reading expanded and re-organized as Reading Blue Mountain & Northern a.k.a Reading & Northern.
Santa Fe replaces Indian Red and large logos with Mineral Brown and no logos.
Santa Fe sells the last of the CF7's.
Santa Fe introduces Q logo.
(Small) logos reintroduced to Santa Fe freight cars.
Texas & Oklahoma opens.
P32-8WH introduced.
The Railroad History Timeline - A Tool for Modelers. 
Chicago & North Western abandons "Zito" yellow and brings back "stagecoach" yellow.