Rutland shuts down.
Lehigh & New England shuts down.
Wabash replaces heart logo with large flag logo.
Pennsylvania drops the shadow from the keystone logo.
Great Northern begins using Glacier Green on many freight cars.
Southern takes control of Interstate Railroad.
December: Chesapeake & Ohio takes control of Baltimore & Ohio.
Atlantic Coast Line "Another Cushioned Load" boxcars appear.
Purpose-built wood chip hoppers appear.
Union Pacific adds "Ship and Travel the Automated Railway"
N&W ends electrification on former Virginian.
Power Pooling begins (NKP-LV, UP-CB&Q-PRR are early examples).
UP experiments with "soup can" logo.
Modern frameless tank cars appear.
86' Auto Parts Hi Cube boxcars appear.
Central of Georgia joins Southern family.
Southern introduces radio controlled helpers.
Ann Arbor divorces Wabash and marries Detroit Toledo & Ironton.
Chattahoochee Industrial begins operations.
Norfolk & Western adopts the hamburger logo in December.
Nickel Plate Road, Wabash, Pittsburgh & West Virginia acquired by N&W.
Vermont Railway appears.
Texas & Pacific gets control of KO&G and Midland Valley Rwys.
CN opens Great Slave Lake Railway.
Some new hi-cube boxes built without running boards.
New car orders with friction bearings plummet.
Unit coal train concept catches on.
60' box cars appear in quantity.
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Southern's Big John covered hoppers appear.
Canadian Pacific adopts script style lettering.
B&O introduces simplified Capital Dome.
GT noodle logo first appears on GTW.
PRR standardizes MU systems, permitting older diesels from different builders to run together.
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Arnaud Railway is completed.
Legendary shortline Buffalo Creek & Gauley closes down.
Chihuahua-Pacific's mainline through Copper Canyon completed.
Legendary logging line West Side Lumber Co. closes down.
Wabush Lake Railway opens.
HO Cabooose
Southern takes control of Georgia & Florida RR.
Great Northern simplifies their orange and green paint scheme.
Plate C car height standard adopted.
Atlantic & Danville becomes Norfolk Franklin & Danville.
The last Pittsburgh Rwys street car routes are sold to Port Authority of Allegheny County.
Last new boxcars with running boards are delivered.
SP's Palmdale Cutoff over Cajon Pass completed.
Seaboard Coast Line appears (ACL+SAL.)
Norfolk & Western switches from Black to Pevler Blue.
Frisco dumps black with yellow scheme for Mandarin orange and white.
Waffle side boxcars introduced.
USPS cancels mail contracts.
Penn Central appears (PRR+NYC.)
Chicago & North Western acquires Chicago Great Western, Des Moines & Central Iowa and Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern.
ACI labels begin to appear.
Tennessee Central shuts down.
Canadian Pacific becomes CP Rail.
Missouri Pacific and Louisville & Nashville split Chicago & Eastern Illinois.
New Haven merges into Penn Central.
Last freight service on Rio Grande narrow gauge.
Thrall-Door boxcars appear.
Frisco ends passenger service.
Rio Grande is "the Action road".
Illinois Central adopts orange and white and "split rail" logo.
GN turns sky blue.
UP's 3-unit Turbines retired.
Early attempts to cover autoracks.
Southern adds "Gives a Green Light to Innovations."
Railway Express Agency becomes REA Express.
CB&Q, SP&S and NP begin to paint Cascade Green.
Green Mountain appears.
Primordial centerbeam flats appear by the hundreds.
NP and SCL receive the first fleets of truly modern appearing centerbeam flats.
Indian Red replaces brown on Santa Fe cabooses.
Last new cars built with friction bearing trucks are delivered.
Decades ahead of their time, Florida East Coast developes the EOT and runs cabooseless.
Alton & Southern introduces MP and C&NW influenced blue and yellow paint scheme.
Electric operations end on Butte Anaconda & Pacific.
Piedmont & Northern acquired by Seaboard Coast Line.
Streetcar service in St. Louis ends.
Burlington Northern appears (GN+NP+CB&Q+SP&S.)
40% of PFE fleet still ice bunker type.
Santa Fe builds first CF7.
Vert-A-Pack auto carriers appear.
RI adopts "speed letter" lettering.
UP drops "RAILROAD" from the shield.
Amtrak begins service (D&RGW, Southern, RI, Georgia opt out.)
Monon merges into L&N.
Tennessee Alabama & Georgia acquired by Southern.
Norfolk & Western switches to black with white NW logo.
Illinois Central Gulf appears (IC+GM&O.)
MKT trades Deramus Red for Whitman (John Deere) Green.
Jersey Central exits Pennsylvania.
Pacific Great Eastern becomes British Columbia Rwy.
Con-Stencils (single panel) mandatory on new and rebuilt cars.
UP adds "We Can Handle It".
Short line box car boom begins.
"Employee Owned" added to C&NW logo.
First Bicentennial diesels appear.
Autotrain appears.
SD45T-2 introduced.
Santa Fe adopts Yellow Bonnet for hood units. Begins rebuilding GP7's with chopped noses.
Electrification ends on Milwaukee's Cascade lines.
Trailer-Train starts painting cars yellow.
In December, GTW, CV, and DW&P (CN's U.S. lines) begin the switch from black to blue paint on diesels.
Cast iron wheels banned from interchange.
Calumet & Hecla closes.
Vermont Railway takes control of Clarendon & Pittsford.
Copper Range RR closes.
Operations end on the Rayonier Railroad.
September 3: Railroads no longer required to re-ice reefers in transit on their lines.
SDP40f's appear for Amtrak.
Chessie System image appears (C&O, B&O, WM.)
Providence & Worcester goes independent.
Con-Stencils mandatory on all cars and 2-panel version introduced.
Original Norfolk Southern acquired by Southern Railway and combined with Carolina & Northwestern.
Family Lines image appears on freight cars (SCL, L&N, CRR, Georgia, A&WP, WoA.)
MP15DC, GP39-2, SD40T-2, F40C introduced.
Milwaukee Road ends remaining electrified operation.
55,000+lb/axel cars must have roller bearings.
Livestock traffic all but extinct.
Flexi-Van service draws to a close.
RailBox appears.
7 major US cities still sport street car systems.
SCL begins to add "Pulling For You" to locomotives.
Cars built before July 1 have a 40 year maximum on underframes. Cars built after July 1 have a 50 year maximum on underframes.
Southern acquires Tennessee RR.
Shock Control becomes Super Shock Control on Santa Fe.
"Santa Fe" billboard lettering appears.
The last livestock movements on Santa Fe.
Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee closes.
ACF introduces the Centerflow hopper.
Delivery of first low nose units with dual cab controls on N&W.
Reading introduces Bee-Line Service.
Mississippi Central merges into IC.
Southern receives first EMD hood units with the long hood setup as forward (earlier deliveries had high short hoods but were setup short hood forward.)
The Railroad History Timeline - A Tool for Modelers.