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These 2-Bay War Emergency Composite Hopper cars were built during the Second World War with wood siding and slope sheets at the direction of the War Production Board in hopes of saving as much steel as possible for the war effort. This was especially the case with hoppers that were usually built with copper-bearing steel to resist corrosion. The car sides were built with the Pratt truss design using a combination of vertical and diagonal ribs.

These ready-to-run N scale cars feature: die cast slope sheet-hopper bay-center sill assembly; injection molded plastic sides, ends, and hopper doors; fully molded brake tank, valve and air lines; body mounted brake hose detail; removeable load; body mounted magnetically operating knuckle couplers; close coupling; and metal wheels.


Atlantic Coast Line took delivery of 700 of these hoppers from Bethlehem Steel in 1943. Unlike their sister road L&N, coal was not a big commodity for the ACL. Their hoppers were much more likely to be found carrying sand, gravel or various industrial and agricultural minerals. We are including “mineral” loads with the four road numbers in this run.

63110      Atlantic Coast Line (mineral load) - #ACL 82432  $28.95

63111      Atlantic Coast Line (mineral load) - #ACL 82687 $28.95

63114      Atlantic Coast Line (mineral load) - #ACL 82053  $28.95

63115     Atlantic Coast Line (mineral load) - #ACL 82290  $28.95


Baltimore & Ohio received this group of 1,025 hoppers from Bethlehem Steel in 1943 and 1944. Beginning in 1946 they received this paint scheme with the “Linking 13 Great States With The Nation” logo. B&O’s dense network in West Virginia guaranteed they would be a major coal hauler, second only to PRR in tons of coal moved.

63120      Baltimore & Ohio 13 Great States #B&O 30405  $28.95

63121      Baltimore & Ohio 13 Great States #B&O 30726  $28.95

63124     Baltimore & Ohio 13 Great States #B&O 30219  $28.95

63125      Baltimore & Ohio 13 Great States #B&O 30830  $28.95

63127      Baltimore & Ohio 13 Great States #B&O 30058  $28.95

63128     Baltimore & Ohio 13 Great States #B&O 30983  $28.95



Burlington Route built their 1,000 car fleet of 2-bay composite hoppers at their own Havelock, Nebraska shops in 1944. As was their custom, the paint scheme included “Way of the Zephyrs” on one side and “Everywhere West” on the other. Due to the rib arrangement, Havelock made special stencils for the mottos with different lettering angles for each side.

63130      Burlington - Way of the Zephyrs/ Everywhere West - #CB&Q 194287  $28.95

63131      Burlington - Way of the Zephyrs/ Everywhere West - #CB&Q 194059  $28.95

63134      Burlington - Way of the Zephyrs/ Everywhere West - #CB&Q 194932  $28.95

63135      Burlington - Way of the Zephyrs/ Everywhere West - #CB&Q 194540 $28.95

63137      Burlington - Way of the Zephyrs/ Everywhere West - #CB&Q 194763  $28.95

63138     Burlington - Way of the Zephyrs/ Everywhere West - #CB&Q 194474  $28.95




Clinchfield Railroad received this group of 500 hoppers from American Car & Foundry in 1944. CRR loaded both steam coal (used in boilers) and metalurgical coal (used to make steel.) The former tended to move to the rapidly industrializing South  and the latter moved north into the Industrial Midwest. They also handed off coal to C&O and N&W for the ports at Newport News and Norfolk.

63140      Clinchfield - #CRR 48023  $28.95

63141      Clinchfield - #CRR 48472  $28.95

63144      Clinchfield - #CRR 48116  $28.95

63145     Clinchfield - #CRR 48384  $28.95

63147      Clinchfield - #CRR 48245  $28.95

63148     Clinchfield - #CRR 48097  $28.95





Lehigh Valley had this group of 500 hoppers built by Bethlehem Steel in 1943. This group followed the official “War Emergency” design which the 1942 delivery from Bethlehem did not. The earlier cars had the same Pratt truss design but were about two and a half feet shorter. The war effort did not slow the push for higher capacity freight cars. This run will be available in four new road numbers.

63150     Lehigh Valley - #LV 15755  $28.95

63151      Lehigh Valley - #LV 15811  $28.95

63154     Lehigh Valley - #LV 15789  $28.95

63155      Lehigh Valley - #LV 15802  $28.95






Louisville & Nashville received this 1,000 car group in 1943 and 1944 from Pullman Standard. We present them here as they appeared after repainting with the AAR standard nine inch reporting marks and seven inch numbers. L&N dominated the coal fields of eastern Kentucky and their hoppers spilled across the industrial heartland.

63160      Louisville & Nashville version 2 - #L&N 31597  $28.95

63161      Louisville & Nashville version 2 - #L&N 31966 $28.95

63164      Louisville & Nashville version 2 - #L&N 31721  $28.95

63165     Louisville & Nashville version 2 - #L&N 31849  $28.95







Monon ordered this group of 250 hoppers from Pullman. But, these were not “War Emergency” hoppers. They were built in 1925. In fact they were so robustly built that they managed to evade Monon’s post-war purge of older freight cars and could still be found in service in the 1960s.

63170      Monon #MON 40237  $28.95

63171      Monon #MON 40102 $28.95

63174      Monon #MON 40085  $28.95

63175      Monon #MON 40161 $28.95

63177      Monon #MON 40048  $28.95

63178      Monon #MON 40210 $28.95


Nickel Plate Road ordered this fleet of 1,000 2-bay composite cars from Pressed Steel Car in 1923. All-steel hoppers had been the standard for more than a decade but NKP took the composite route to avoid projected steel shortages. NKP began applying this paint scheme after the car's first decade of service. The NYC&St.L is a reference to Nickel Plate’s full name, New York Chicago & St. Louis.

63180      Nickel Plate Road NYC&St.L black

#NKP 30822  $28.95

63181     Nickel Plate Road NYC&St.L black

#NKP 30930  $28.95

63184      Nickel Plate Road NYC&St.L black

#NKP 31468  $28.95

63185      Nickel Plate Road NYC&St.L black

#NKP 31716  $28.95



Santa Fe took delivery of their GA-60 class hoppers from Pullman-Standard in the summer of 1943. After the war, many were assigned to sulfur loading at mines in Texas and California under the assumption that the wood surfaces would resist the corrosive properties of the loads. The sulfur was supplied to the fast-growing chemical industry.

63190      Santa Fe GA-60 (sulfur load) #ATSF 180627  $28.95

63191      Santa Fe GA-60 (sulfur load) #ATSF 180773  $28.95

63194     Santa Fe GA-60 (sulfur load) #ATSF 180659  $28.95

63195      Santa Fe GA-60 (sulfur load) #ATSF 180790 $28.95

63197      Santa Fe GA-60 (sulfur load) #ATSF 180604  $28.95

63198     Santa Fe GA-60 (sulfur load) #ATSF 180738  $28.95




Southern Railway received this group of 1,450 hoppers from Pullman Standard in 1943. This was the second largest fleet of “War Emergency” hoppers, behind C&O’s 3,000 car fleet. Much of the coal loaded on the Southern was destined for factories and retailers in the Industrial Midwest via Southern’s connections in Cincinnati and Louisville.

63200      Southern black transition era #104522  $28.95

63201      Southern black transition era #105284  $28.95

63204     Southern black transition era #105618  $28.95

63205      Southern black transition era #104870 $28.95




Virginian Railway built this 1,000 car group of hoppers in their Princeton, West Virginia shops in 1944. In 1925, Virginian had bridged the Kanawha River which reversed the flow of many of their coal trains from all eastward to the port at Norfolk to westward to feed the countless factories in the Industrial Midwest. This run will be available in six new road numbers.

63210     Virginian #VGN 15520  $28.95

63211      Virginian #VGN 15832  $28.95

63214     Virginian #VGN 15479  $28.95

63215      Virginian #VGN 15051  $28.95

63217     Virginian #VGN 15903  $28.95

63218      Virginian #VGN 15297  $28.95





Pennsylvania Railroad built 500 War Emergency Composite Hoppers in their Altoona Shops in 1942. They were slightly shorter than the AAR design but utilized the same Pratt truss system for the sides. They were designated class H31B. This run will be available in six new road numbers.

63220      Pennsylvania circle keystone #220853  $28.95

63221     Pennsylvania circle keystone #221315  $28.95

63224      Pennsylvania circle keystone #221234  $28.95

63225     Pennsylvania circle keystone #221179  $28.95

63227      Pennsylvania circle keystone #220982  $28.95

63228     Pennsylvania circle keystone #221097  $28.95


Not Shown: 63000 Undecorated.






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