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N Scale Transfer Cabooses.
N Scale: 24411 Grand Trunk Western #75059 Make Safety First $37.95.
N Scale 3-Bay Offset Side Hoppers.
N Scale: Bessemer & Lake Erie (post-1973) 73693 3-pack $68.85.
N Scale: Boston & Maine - medium logo offset side hoppers. 73762 2-pack $45.90; 73763 3-pack $68.85.
N Scale: 73841 Erie - large diamond single car. $22.95.
N Scale War Emergency Composite Hoppers.
N Scale: 63081 Ann Arbor single $24.95.
N Scale 14-Panel 3-Bay Hoppers.
N Scale: 14581 Great Lakes Carbon single $24.95; 14582 2-pack $49.90.
N Scale: 73781 Data Only - Brown single car $22.95.
N scale: 60522 Central Vermont 2-pack $49.90
Some of the above pictures show the cars with track, scenery and even other cars for a bit of context. Obviously the cars in question don't include that stuff - but you knew that already.
N Scale USRA 30'6" 2-Bay Hoppers.
N Scale "Samples, Orphans and Oddballs" Available only directly from Bluford Shops.

40160 New York CentrALERT Safety Wherever #NYC 20284 $42.95;

40161 New York CentrALERT Safety Wherever #NYC 20414 $42.95.

N Scale Half Bay Window Cabooses.
N Scale:
63000 Undecorated $28.95
Not Shown:
41000 Phase 1 caboose kit - Undecorated. $39.95
42000 Phase 2 caboose kit - Undecorated. $39.95
44000 Phase 4 caboose kit - Undecorated. $39.95
14581 production sample (no label in the box) Great Lakes Carbon $24.95

N Scale: 74040  Baltimore & Ohio billboard Version 2 #B&O 734656 $32.95.

74041  Baltimore & Ohio billboard Version 2 #B&O 735372 $32.95.

74044  Baltimore & Ohio billboard Version 2 #B&O 734043  $32.95.

74045  Baltimore & Ohio billboard Version 2 #B&O 735815  $32.95.

74047  Baltimore & Ohio billboard Version 2 #B&O 735990  $32.95.

74048 Baltimore & Ohio billboard Version 2 #B&O 734201 $32.95.


N Scale: Around 1957, Ontario Northland found themselves with a temporary glut of hoppers. ONT made an arrangement with Chesapeake & Ohio and these 3-bay offset side hoppers were sent south to move coal on the C&O. They were not renumbered so to prevent C&O agents from routing the empty cars back to Canada, they received what must be the largest routing instructions ever applied to car sides: TIDE COAL ONLY. WHEN EMPTY RETURN TO HANDLEY FROM THE WEST OR THURMOND FROM THE EAST, C&O RWY.  MUST NOT BE LOADED TO OR MOVED TO CANADA. The cars were eventually returned to ONT, and could be found in the mid-60s assigned to the Dane, Ontario iron ore pool and sporting a new paint job.  $32.95 each.

 74110 Ontario Northland C&O service #ONT 140162

74111 Ontario Northland C&O service #ONT 140133

74115  Ontario Northland C&O service #ONT 140165

74117  Ontario Northland C&O service #ONT 140106

74118  Ontario Northland C&O service #ONT 140124





N scale: 74130  Pere Marquette centered number #15202 $32.95.

74134  Pere Marquette centered number #15189 $32.95.






N Scale 86' Quad Door Auto Parts Boxcars.

CSX first appeared in 1980 as a holding company whose railroad subsidiaries were consolidated in stages. The CSX image was adopted for rolling stock in 1986 however equipment still carried reporting marks for Seaboard System, Chesapeake & Ohio or Baltimore & Ohio for another year. It was during this period that these CSX-B&O boxcars began to appear. This paint scheme will be available in 4 road numbers.

87230  CSX - B&O  #B&O 492018 $36.95

87231  CSX - B&O  #B&O 492007 $36.95

87235 CSX - B&O  #B&O 492049 $36.95

87237  CSX - B&O  #B&O 492043 $36.95


Norfolk Southern inherited 86’ quad door boxcars from both predecessors Southern and Norfolk & Western with more joining the fleet as a result of the Conrail split. The yellow reflector stripes began to appear in 2005. This paint scheme will be available in 2 road numbers.

87240   Norfolk Southern #NS 657497 $36.95





Conrail had the largest fleet of 86’ quad door boxcars having inherited the fleets from Pennsylvania, New York Central, Penn Central and Erie Lackawanna. Most were painted in this “medium logo” paint scheme. Two road numbers in this release CR 293779 and CR 237455 have the yellow centerplate inspection dot next to the road number. The other two do not.

87261   Conrail medium logo #CR 293779 $36.95

87265   Conrail medium logo #CR 237665 $36.95

87267   Conrail medium logo #CR 237455 $36.95





Grand Trunk Western obtained this goup of boxcars in the summer of 1967. They were also assigned for loading to the Chevy plant in Flint, Michigan. We present these cars as they appeard after 1974 with consolidated stencils and ACI tags. This paint scheme will be available in 3 road numbers.

87290   Grand Trunk Western post-'74 #GTW 378221 $36.95

87291   Grand Trunk Western post-'74 #GTW 378249 $36.95

87295   Grand Trunk Western post-'74 #GTW 378237 $36.95




This New York Central paint scheme represents an early delivery (February of 1965) from Pullman Standard. This group sports extra heavy NYC reporting marks that seem to be unique to this batch. Perhaps the original stencil specs went missing and Pullman Standard made replacements based on the heavier lettering used in the logo. These cars had black ends, a practice discontinued on later deliveries. The paint scheme will be available in 4 road numbers.

87305   New York Central black ends #NYC 67095 $36.95

87307  New York Central black ends #NYC 67063 $36.95