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Cambria & Indiana was a shortline linking its namesake counties in Pennsylvania. C&I had always owned many more hoppers than they could possibly load on their own line. This large fleet was rented to other railroads to load where they were needed. In 1950, the railroad was sold to Bethlehem Steel who could then keep their own freight car production lines busy between orders building hoppers for the C&I which could then be rented out. This group was built in 1952.
66121 Cambria & Indiana single $24.95

66122 Cambria & Indiana 2-pack $49.90
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Our new 2-Bay Offset Side hopper features a die cast slope sheet-hopper bay-center sill assembly; injection molded plastic sides, ends and hopper doors; fully molded brake tank, valve and air lines; body mounted brake hose detail; load; body mounted magnetically operating knuckle couplers; and Fox Valley Models metal wheel. Each road name will be available in multiple road numbers. MSRP is $24.95 per car.

A 2-bay hopper design with offset sides was first proposed in the 1920s and first appeared in the form seen here in 1934. The AAR adopted it as a standard design the following year. The offset design permitted greater interior capacity than a rib side car with the same outside dimensions. It was thought this more than made up for the carís higher cost of construction. The last new 2-bay offset side hoppers were built in 1960.

All road names will be available in multiple road numbers. For instance, order a single, a 2-pack and a 3-pack to get all six road numbers on a run. (Some road names will be available in just three road numbers.)
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