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Bluford Shops is proud to announce a new group of Caboose runs in HO and N scales. These cabooses are ready to run. The inclusion and position of details varies with the road name to better capture the appearance of the prototype. Cabooses feature plastic bodies and details with wire grab irons, knuckle couplers and metal wheels. MSRP: N scale: $37.95; HO Scale: $49.95.
Delaware & Hudson built caboose number 35729 in their own shops in Oneonta, New York using components from an old 40’ boxcar. In the wake of the creation of Conrail, the size of the D&H was nearly doubled through trackage rights for the purpose of giving Conrail some measure of competition in the northeast. This brought the D&H to Washington D.C., Buffalo, Philadelphia and Newark.
N Scale: 21220 Delaware & Hudson #35729.
HO Scale: 31220 Delaware & Hudson #35729.
We also have a new run of Missouri Pacific short body bay window cabooses with two new road numbers. MoPac took delivery of several batches of these cabooses and this group came with the new 4-box style consolidated stencil. Often mistaken for transfer cabooses because of the short body, these cars were actually built for road service (transfer cabooses lack bay windows or cupolas.)
N Scale: 21230 Missouri Pacific #13864; 21231 Missouri Pacific #13087.
HO Scale: 31230 Missouri Pacific #13864; 31231 Missouri Pacific #13087.
Toledo Peoria & Western cabooses 525 and 526 were both repainted during the “red-orange era” although with slightly different layouts. The 525 road number was painted on the bay window. 526 was repainted twice during this time and the second version is presented here with the road number to the right of the bay window.
N Scale: 21240 TP&W #525 red/white; 21241 TP&W #526 red/white.
HO Scale: 31240 TP&W #525 red/white; 31241 TP&W #526 red/white.
Chessie B&O transfer caboose C3051 rolled out of the shops shortly after the adoption of the Chessie System image. We are presenting this car as it first appeared with its original road number, ACI tag, 2-box consolidated stencils and it’s curious boxcar-red trucks.
N Scale: 23100 Chessie B&O #C3051.
HO Scale: 33100 Chessie B&O #C3051.
Elgin Joliet & Eastern number 192 was an early example of “shack on a flat” style transfer cabooses. It rolled out of the EJ&E shops in 1944. It was painted orange and green to match their diesels at the time and could be seen in the greater Chicago area for many years.
N Scale: 23110 EJ&E old #192.
HO Scale: 33110 EJ&E old #192.
Illinois Central Gulf inherited their “shack on a flat” style transfer cabooses from GM&O. As they came due to be repainted in ICG orange, no two were lettered alike. Both 199072 and 199074 received the same safety slogans on the ends and stairs but the latter also received them on the sides as well as conspicuity stripes and other details.
N Scale: 23120 Illinois Central Gulf #199072; 23121 Illinois Central Gulf #199074.
HO Scale: 33120 Illinois Central Gulf #199072; 33121 Illinois Central Gulf #199074.
This Family Lines L&N caboose was inherited from Monon in their 1971 merger. The gray Family Lines paint scheme was applied to cabooses in two distinct versions. This version had the red and yellow ribbons draped across one end and trailing off before reaching the other end. The other version (as used on our previous Family Lines bay window cabooses) had the trailing ends of the ribbons on the right on both sides.
N Scale: 23130 Family Lines L&N #58.
HO Scale: 33130 Family Lines L&N #58.
Napierville Junction Railroad was a subsidiary of Delaware & Hudson with responsibility for D&H’s route on the Canadian side of the border. It was merged into D&H in 1971, yet caboose 39 retained its NJ reporting marks and was painted red, white and blue for America’s Bicentennial celebration. If you have your own freelance railroad and would like to have a Bicentennial transfer caboose, this would be an excellent starting point.
N Scale: 23140 D&H – Napierville Junction “Bicentennial” #39.
HO Scale: 33140 D&H – Napierville Junction “Bicentennial” #39.
Chicago & North Western used a number of paint scheme variations on their fleet of transfer cabooses (this is our fourth C&NW paint variation out of six road numbers.) For this run we are featuring cars with the red, black and white “Employee Owned” version of the C&NW logo adopted in 1972. This was in the middle of the ACI tag era so we have included those as well.
N Scale: 24370 C&NW yellow #12520; 24371 C&NW yellow #12529.
HO Scale: 34370 C&NW yellow #12520; 34371 C&NW yellow #12529.
Santa Fe likely built this group of transfer cabooses at their Argentine Shops using flat cars originally built in 1910 as a base. The silver cabins on these cars really made them stand out in the ATSF caboose fleet. This is our second run with two all-new road numbers.
N Scale: 24380 Santa Fe #1002; 24381 Santa Fe #1005.
HO Scale: 34380 Santa Fe #1002; 34381 Santa Fe #1005.
Union Pacific built a group of transfer cabooses at their shops in Grand Island, Nebraska in 1953 using components from retired boxcars. Often overlooked, they survived in service well into the second generation diesel era.
N Scale: 24390 Union Pacific #3288; 24391 Union Pacific #3303.
HO Scale: 34390 Union Pacific #3288; 34391 Union Pacific #3303.
The two road numbers in this run of Penn Central cabooses were built in 1968 at the road’s Despatch Shops as part of a group of 160 cars. While some of PC’s transfer cabooses were built all-new from the ground up, this batch used underframes salvaged from retired 40’ boxcars. Penn Central along with predecessor NYC and successor Conrail had the largest fleets of transfer cabooses in the nation during their respective eras.
N Scale: 24400 Penn Central with logo #18227; 24401 Penn Central with logo #18333.
HO Scale: 34400 Penn Central with logo #18227; 34401 Penn Central with logo #18333.
Grand Trunk Western had a disproportionately large fleet of transfer cabooses. The standards for lettering placement were pretty relaxed leading to a number of variations. These two new road numbers feature the GT logo on the right instead of the left and the two cars have the locations of road numbers and safety slogans swapped.
N Scale*: 24410 Grand Trunk Western #75056 Safety Wears Well; 24411 Grand Trunk Western #75059 Make Safety First.
HO Scale: 34410 Grand Trunk Western #75056 Safety Wears Well; 34411 Grand Trunk Western #75059 Make Safety First.
* N scale versions have black truck side frames.
Great Northern built a group of transfer cabooses at their St. Cloud Shops in 1967 (just before the move from Vermilion to Sky Blue.) Unlike other railroads that used the frames from old boxcars or flat cars, GN used the frames from scrapped Baldwin VO-1000 switchers. GN used a series of 10 safety slogans on their cabooses with the last digit in the road number determining which slogan was used.
N Scale: 24420 Great Northern #X179 Be Wise Beware Be Safe; 24421 Great Northern #180 Think Safety Work Safely.
HO Scale: 34420 Great Northern #X179 Be Wise Beware Be Safe; 34421 Great Northern #180 Think Safety Work Safely.
Burlington Northern inherited this transfer caboose from Great Northern and patched and renumbered it BN 11471. It was also stenciled for yard service only. It seems to have worn this patch job until retirement.
N Scale: 24430 BN patched-GN #11471
HO Scale: 34430 BN patched-GN #11471
In 1967 Frisco began using retired flat cars as a basis for building a fleet of 43 transfer cabooses. The majority were boxcar red but yellow was also used. This is certainly appropriate for Frisco’s position in the Sun Belt. Frisco’s transfer cabooses continued to be used through the 1980 merger with Burlington Northern.
N Scale: 24440 Frisco yellow #1306; 24441 Frisco yellow #1326.
HO Scale: 34440 Frisco yellow #1306; 34441 Frisco yellow #1326.
At the time we did our last run of Burlington Northern green transfer cabooses, we believed car 11474 was the only one of the former GN cars to be painted Cascade Green. Since then, we have discovered another! 11473 was also painted Cascade Green and yellow with a silver roof but with a different layout of the lettering.
N Scale: 24450 Burlington Northern green #11473.
HO Scale: 34450 Burlington Northern green #11473.
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