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These ready-to-run cars feature: die cast slope sheet-hopper bay-center sill assembly; injection molded plastic sides, ends, and hopper doors; fully molded brake tank, valve and air lines; body mounted brake hose detail; coal load; lever-style hand brake; body mounted magnetically operating knuckle couplers; close coupling; and Fox Valley Models metal wheels.

All road names will be available in multiple road numbers. For instance, order a single, a 2-pack and a 3-pack to get all six road numbers on a run. (Some road names will be available in just three road numbers.) MSRP is $24.95 per car.
Baltimore & Ohio took delivery of these N-17 class hoppers in 1919 and began painting them in this paint scheme as early as 1946 and continued well into the transition era. This paint scheme included the “Linking 13 Great States With The Nation” version of the B&O capitol dome logo.
60361 Baltimore & Ohio post war single car $24.95
60362 Baltimore & Ohio post war 2-pack $49.90
60363 Baltimore & Ohio post war 3-pack $74.85
New N scale USRA Hoppers.
Most recently shipped to dealers.
USRA assigned 1,000 of these hoppers to Delaware & Hudson in 1919 and 1920. Despite the fact that D&H was resistant to the design, more than a third of their fleet was still in revenue service in the 1960s.
60371 Delaware & Hudson single car $24.95
60372 Delaware & Hudson 2-pack $49.90
60373 Delaware & Hudson 3-pack $74.85
Although it was just 88 miles long, the Interstate Railroad generated a large volume of coal traffic and owned a fleet of 3,000 hopper cars. These cars spent much of their time on connecting lines earning per diem charges (a major source of income to the Interstate.) Interstate became a subsidiary of Southern Railway in 1961.
60381 Interstate single car $24.95
60382 Interstate 2-pack $49.90
60383 Interstate 3-pack $74.85
Missouri Pacific took delivery of this fleet of USRA style hoppers from Standard Steel Car in 1927. If you weren’t from the region, you might think MP would not be much of a coal hauler. In fact, MP moved considerable amounts of coal from Illinois, Missouri, Texas and Colorado had maintained a fleet of many thousands of hopper cars.
60391 Missouri Pacific single car $24.95
60392 Missouri Pacific 2-pack $49.90
60393 Missouri Pacific 3-pack $74.85
These Public Service – New Jersey hoppers were ordered by Public Service Electric & Gas Company (headquartered in Newark) with the goal of securing the car supply feeding the company’s power plants. The company consolidated hundreds of small utility and transit companies in the Garden State back in 1903.
60401 Public Service – New Jersey single car $24.95
60402 Public Service – New Jersey 2-pack $49.90
60403 Public Service – New Jersey 3-pack $74.85
Westmoreland Coal Company was established in their namesake county in Pennsylvania in 1854. They acquired this fleet of hoppers in the years after the First World War for loading at their mines in the Keystone State. Westmoreland is still in business although now based in Colorado.
60411 Westmoreland Coal brown single car $24.95
60412 Westmoreland Coal brown 2-pack $49.90
In 1933, Westmoreland Coal sold a portion of their USRA hopper fleet to New York Ontario & Western who was desperate to replace their aging wooden gondolas in anthracite service. The cars were patched and O&W reporting marks applied before they were pressed into service.
60421 Ontario & Western ex-Westmoreland single car $24.95
60422 Ontario & Western ex-Westmoreland 2-pack $49.90
Products bearing Missouri Pacific marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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