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N Scale Transfer Cabooses.
Your favorite dealer can get these from Bluford Shops NOW. Prices shown are MSRP - manufacturer's suggested retail price. Quantities are limited and subject to sell out prior to the next update of the website. If you prefer to order direct from Bluford Shops, emial a list of what you are looking for to:
N Scale: 23130 Family Lines L&N #58. $37.95. (HO model shown.)
N Scale USRA 30'6" 2-Bay Hoppers.
N Scale: 60383 Interstate 3-pack $74.85.
N Scale 8-Panel 2-Bay Hoppers.
N Scale: 65091 Birmingham Southern single car $24.95
N Scale 3-Bay Offset Side Hoppers.
N Scale: Georgia Railroad 73271 single car $21.79
N Scale: Central of Georgia - black offset side hoppers. 73751 Central of Georgia - black single car $22.95; 73752 2-pack $45.90; 73753 3-pack $68.85.
N Scale: 73881 Seaboard Coast Line single car. $22.95; 73882 Seaboard Coast Line 2-Pack. $45.90; 73883 Seaboard Coast Line 3-Pack. $68.85
N Scale 14-Panel 3-Bay Hoppers.
N Scale: 14561 South East Coal Co. post-1974 single $24.95; 14562 2-pack $49.90; 14563 3-pack $74.85 (Note this second run has different lettering placement toward the right side and metal wheels.)
N Scale 2-Bay Composite War Emergency Hoppers.
N Scale: 63091 Gulf Mobile & Ohio single $24.95; 63092 2-pack $49.90
N Scale: 73771 Data Only - Black single car $22.95.
N Scale: 73781 Data Only - Brown single car $22.95.
Some of the pictures show the cars with track, scenery and even other cars for a bit of context. Obviously the cars in question don't include that stuff - but you knew that already.
Also, you can Click Here to visit our "Samples, Orphans and Oddballs" pages!
N Scale: 14221 South-East Coal Company single $21.79; 14222 2-pack $43.58;
14223 3-pack $65.37.
N Scale 3-Bay Offset Side Hoppers with ribbed side extentions.
N Scale: 17092 Georgia Railroad 2-pack. $53.90
N Scale International Car Bay Window Cabooses.
N Scale: 41081 Georgia & Florida yellow bay #X6900. $39.95
N Scale 2-Bay Rebuilt War Emergency Hoppers.
N Scale: 64130 Central of Georgia post-1951 - #CG 21725 $27.95
64131 Central of Georgia post-1951 - #CG 21703 $27.95
64134 Central of Georgia post-1951 - #CG 21717 $27.95
64135 Central of Georgia post-1951 - #CG 21734 $27.95
64137 Central of Georgia post-1951 - #CG 21749 $27.95
64138 Central of Georgia post-1951 - #CG 21728 $27.95

N Scale:  64145 Southern permanently coupled pair - #102265  $55.90; 64147 Southern permanently coupled pair - #102549 $55.90;

64148 Southern permanently coupled pair - #102780  $55.90