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Southern Pacific’s fleet of transfer cabooses was spartan even by transfer caboose standards. They even dispensed with side windows decades before it became fashionable in the shoving-platform era. Car #907 had “Safety Is More Than Knowing, It’s Doing” along with a curious representation of a flag. The flag also appears on the ends. Car #919 dispensed with the flags on the sides (although they are on the ends) going with just a “Safety Is Everybody’s Business” slogan instead.
N Scale: 24280 Southern Pacific #907 “Safety Is More Than Knowing…”; 24281 Southern Pacific #919 “Safety is Everybody’s Business”
In addition to building transfer cabooses for themselves, NYC also built them for their many subsidiaries and affiliates. One of these was the Central Indiana Railway. CIRY was jointly owned by New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroad and hosted traffic from both to bypass congestion in Indianapolis. Central Indiana Railway and their caboose were included in the 1976 Conrail consolidation.
N Scale: 24340 Central Indiana Rwy #67.